January 13th

Exquisite Installation. 

A collaboration of seven Bloomington-based artistsAllison Baker, Mike Burchfield, Ross Haughton, Terrence Heldreth, Eric Hunt, Dave Rowe, and Jeremy Sweet. Curated by Marla Roddy.

January 20th


International invitational of contemporary metalwork curated by Sara Brown and Galatea Kontos. 

February 3rd

Flesh, Blood, and Bone 

A collection of work curated by and featuring William Fillmore, Edmond Gettinger, Peter Kenar, and Marla Roddy.

Flesh, Blood, and Bone was featured in the IDS. Click here to read all about it! 

February 17th

Pieces of Eight

A unique collaboration of the Indiana University Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design Department

March 2nd


An installation of photographic drawings by Akira Yasuda. 

March 23rd

Geometry Exposed

A collection of new work by Joshua Highter. 

April 13th

Collaboration: BFA Painters and Jake Gillespie 

Animated video shorts created by Indiana University BFA Painting students and Chicago artist Jake Gillespie.

April 20th

Without Justification 

A collection of work inspired by spontaneity and gut instinct created by the Indiana University BFA Sculpture students.

April 27th

PIVA Exhibition

Work created by Reinhold Engberding, the spring 2012 resident artist of the Program for International Visiting Artist-in- Residence (PIVA) co-sponsored by the Collins Living-Learning Center and the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts.

Spring 2012 Exhibition Schedule

Curated by:

Anne Fiala and Kimberly Waite

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